The Luftnachrichten Dienst.  
  Flugmeldemess- & Jägerleit-Stellungen.  

Understanding Lw organization can be a nightmare and I'm not sure I'm quite there yet.  But for the Ln-Dienst there were 3 chains of command :-).  Operational, Administrative and Technical and they were quite separate.  As I understand it, Martini was only responsible for research, development, production and procedures for Ln materiel.  The administrative chain was probably through the Luftgau.  The operational chain was JK, JD, Jafü and NJRF.   Each of these HQs had a couple of Ln.-Kps. assigned for manning of the GefStd.  The commander of the Ln-Rgt manning the Stellungen of the JD/Jafü was embedded in the JD/Jafü Stab, and he was the senior adviser to the JD/Jafü commander on Ln. matters.  The NJRF had a Battalion assigned with the commander fulfilling the same function as described for the Rgt commander above.  So the Ln-Rgt was the highest organizational level within the Ln-Dienst.


Mr. Michael Holm The Luftwaffe, 1933-45 has been kind enough to let me use his material in order to turn some of his Ln Web-pages into searchable pdf files.  Please see below.



Ln-Rgt 1 - 38. Ln-Rgt 40 - 130. Ln-Rgt 201 - 228. Ln-Rgt 229 - .
Lg.-Nachr.-Rgt. Ln-Abt 1 - 199. Ln-Abt 200 - 359. Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regimenter.
  Kills credited to JLOs.  


Flugmeldemess, Denmark. Jägerleit general and in Denmark.  
Flugmeldemess, NE Europe. Jägerleit, NE Europe. (2).
  Flugmeldemess, SE Europe. Jägerleit SE Europe. (3).  
  Flugmeldemess, Mediterranean. Jägerleit, Mediterranean. (4).  
  Flugmeldemess, France. Jägerleit, France. (1).  
  Flugmeldemess, Western Europe. Jägerleit, Western Europe.  
  The Ln-Dienst in Norway and Finland. Nachtjagdleitschiff " Kreta" and "Togo".  
  Flugmeldemess, Poland with border areas.    
  Ln-Flugmeldeabteilungen (E) z.b.V.    
  (1).  In some cases the GefStd of the Jafü was combined with a Jägerleit Stellung.  
  (2).  There was a clear distinction between Jafü, Flugmeldemess- and Jägerleit-Stellungen, as was the case in I JK area.  
  (3).  The Flugmeldemess- and Jägerleit-Stellungen in Rumania and Bulgaria were with one exception combined.  None of the Stellungen could perform Himmelbett, since they were not Y-Linien equipped.  The Jafü might have been combined with a Jägerleit Stellung.  
(4).  Jafü Ober Italien was combined with a Jägerleit Stellung.  The Jägerleit-Stellungen in Italy and Croatia were combined with a Flugmeldemess-Stellung.
  Map depicting FuMG and Jägerleit Stellungen and FLUWAS 1 JAN 1945.
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  Map of Mammut Stellungen. Map of Wassermann Stellungen. Map of Jagdschloss Stellungen.  
  Map of Klein Heidelberg Stellungen. Elefant. Licht/FuG 223.  
  Wassermann "Diagram". Klein Heidelberg. Jagdschloss illustrations.  

Radar coverage Western Europe.


Luftwaffe radar stations (Flugmeldemess-Stellungen), notional description.


Luftwaffe radartypes, pictures.


FuMG, radartypes recognition guide.

  Numbers of radars produced.  
  Taktische Zeichen des Ln-Dienstes  
  German radar frequences and allied jamming equipment.